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Cultivating Leadership in Education

How might we cultivate leadership in the HK education space? How might we strengthen the coherence & collaboration within it?


CATALYST Education Lab (CEL), a HK education non-profit, has convened 40 education leaders serving the secondary school space both within & outside schools (“Shapers”) to join the new “Cultivating Leadership in Education” initiative, which works towards fostering growth in the whole education ecosystem.


In this one-year leadership development experience, Shapers will co-learn & co-inspire via a four-phase journey:

1. Orientation & Goal Setting – identify specific leadership & education areas to share & explore

2. Boston Study Trip – gain inspiration via 5-day HBS On-campus Training & other exposure visits

3. Local Exchanges – translate ideas into actions via Learning Circles

4. Consolidation & Share-outs – summarise reflections & takeaways for follow-up actions/collaborations


Three key elements will be embedded to stimulate Shapers on how to better think, discuss & collaborate: Harvard Case Method, Compassionate Systems Leadership and Leadership Coaching.


Alongside other passionate Shapers, CEL is keen to break silos to cultivate system leadership, unleash local insight & experience within the leaders, as well as co-build a sustainable learning community!

More About the Initiative

Guiding Philosophy

CLE: Guiding Philosophy

Composition of the Shaper Community

[CEL] Overview of Cultivating Leadership in Education (CLE) (Mar 2023) (2).jpg

Learning Journey Overview

[CEL] Overview of Cultivating Leadership in Education (CLE) (Mar 2023) (1).jpg

Three Key Elements

[CEL] Overview of Cultivating Leadership in Education (CLE) (Mar 2023) (3).jpg

How would Shapers' Competence be developed?

CLE_Shaper Competency

Expected Deliverables to Make Learning Visible

For Website_ [CEL] Cultivating Leadership in Education initiative (2023)_ Information Deck

Should you have any enquiries, 

please contact us via email at

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