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Past Activities


June 15, 2023

Principal Roundtable Convening

This Principal Roundtable convening focused on the theme of “Global Citizenship X Well-being”, which are the two collective inquiry themes that the six partner schools have previously identified. Each school invited additional teacher representatives to join the meeting in order to share highlights on the relevant initiatives they are developing at school. We then considered where there might be opportunities for further learning and collaboration.

June 1, 2023

“Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study: Logos Open House

This year, Logos Academy (Logos) team formed a professional learning community (PLC) with colleagues from the English and Science Departments, to consider how they can implement pedagogy of play and thinking routines in their classrooms. The group is investigating how to effectively share the EIE vision and tools, and motivate colleagues in educational innovation. During Logos Open House, visitors worked with Logos PLC members to co-create English or Science lesson plans, with time set aside for discussions and idea exchanges. Logos PLC members expect to then implement the lesson plans in the next academic year.

Aug 21, 2023

Cultivating Leadership in Education (CLE): Shaper August Get Together

The Shaper August Get Together served as an opportunity for Shapers to connect before the start of the new academic year. During the event, Shapers were able to catch up with others, share the progress of their respective Action Circles, and solicit feedback from the community.

July 13, 2023

Compassionate Systems with SSGC: Form Teacher Training

This is the 3rd (and final) round of the Dec 8, 2022 Compassionate Systems training. To support the goal of exposing all teachers at St. Stephen’s Girls’ College (SSGC) to Compassionate Systems, we facilitated a full-day training for ~20 SSGC teachers.

Instead of prompting participants to immediately think about how the tools & practices can be applied in classrooms, this training served as a safe & brave space for them to reflect more inwardly. Participants considered how they can make use of the tools to reflect on how they are showing up as human beings, why they might have misunderstandings with others and how they can reflect on issues more deeply & holistically.

June 2, 2023

Compassionate Systems with SSGC: Form Teacher Training

This is the 2nd round of the Dec 8, 2022 Compassionate Systems training. To support the goal of exposing all teachers at St. Stephen’s Girls’ College (SSGC) to Compassionate Systems, we facilitated a full-day training for 20+ of their teachers.

Instead of prompting participants to immediately think about how the tools & practices can be applied in classrooms, this training served as a safe & brave space for them to reflect more inwardly. Participants considered how they can make use of the tools to reflect on how they are showing up as human beings, why they might have misunderstandings with others and how they can reflect on issues more deeply & holistically.

July 13, 2023

Cultivating Leadership in Education (CLE): Conversation with Peter Senge

The Conversation with Peter Senge was part of the learning enrichment opportunities in the CLE initiatives. Peter engaged in meaningful discussions with Shapers on Compassionate Systems Leadership, helping to consolidate and deepen their learning throughout the CLE journey. Responding to the Shapers' questions, he explored practical applications of systems thinking in education with the goal of equipping leaders and teachers to create positive change in their schools and communities.

May 31, 2023

“Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study: IMSC Open House

How can we offer more student choice and when is a good time for teachers to intervene? This was Munsang College HK Island (IMSC)’s innovation focus question, which served as the focus of their EIE Open House. EIE participants learnt about the IMSC team’s work on student agency through observation of Physics and Information & Communication Technology lessons. The IMSC team shared authentic learning examples from English and Maths, and discussed the pedagogical changes that have taken place at school since joining the EIE project.

May 22, 2023

Cultivating Leadership in Education (CLE): Midterm Convening

Following the inspiring and stimulating 2-week Boston Study Trip, the Mid-term Convening offered Shapers a space to reflect on their learnings and garner support to enhance Hong Kong's educational landscape. Through an exhibition board, Shapers documented their key learnings and ways they plan to apply the learnings in their personal setting, as well as areas of “Give” and “Take” which they can contribute to or wish to gain support from the Shaper community. In the afternoon, various Shapers pitched their ideas on systemic challenges in Hong Kong that they wish to work on together. Shapers subsequently formed seven Action Circles and will continue to address their issue together. 

May 2 to May 12, 2023

“Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study: Project Zero Spring Visit

Alongside the final in-person convening of Learning Community 10 for the Envisioning Innovation in Education (EIE) project, the Project Zero (PZ) team made a physical visit to Hong Kong in May 2023. Over the two weeks in Hong Kong, PZ visited all 11 EIE participating schools. Each school designed a unique experience for PZ’s visit based on school needs and interests. For example, some schools included the senior leadership team in discussion with PZ, while others showcased students’ talents. Most significantly, participants took this chance to reflect on their individual and group learnings from the project, and shared their highlights and next steps with PZ. 

After experiencing the very diverse school settings and range of activities during the visits, the PZ team gained a much deeper understanding into each school’s innovation projects and future development. Overall, PZ’s Spring Visit served as a rich occasion for schools and PZ to connect on innovation in education for sustained impact.

May 8, 2023

“Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study: 10th Learning Community

At the concluding Learning Community of the Envisioning Innovation in Education (EIE) project, the cohort members were joined by Project Zero and non-EIE educators to celebrate their efforts in the past three years. Participants engaged in an interactive game that prompted reflections and exchanges of key learning moments. Each school innovation team designed and facilitated a “scene” (i.e. interactive workshop) which engaged the audience to understand their learnings and understandings of innovation in education. The day concluded with attendees reflecting on “I used to think… Now I think… Now I would like to…” to consolidate their learnings and identify next steps for innovation in education as this project draws to a close.

Apr 28, 2023

“Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study: SDBNSM Open House

During the Salesians of Don Bosco Ng Siu Mui Secondary School (SDBNSM) Open House, SDBNSM teacher cohort members shared their pioneering projects with visitors. These projects focused on empowering students in the learning process, assessment, and co-creation of learning environments. Innovative practices were demonstrated through school-based programs and Life Wide Learning Week experiences. The team highlighted their efforts to enhance learning effectiveness and promote global citizenship, emphasizing elements such as pedagogy of play, student voice, and agency. In addition to sharing their practices and visiting the innovative learning spaces in the school, the team also hosted an interactive session that allowed visitors to co-design a new learning space within their school, with the aim to promote global citizenship and culture of thinking. 

Apr 27, 2023

“Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study: CYMCAC Open House

The Chinese YMCA College (CYMCAC) Open House demonstrated their inquiry focus on “Learning through reading” across various subjects. The team utilized Thinking Routines to encourage deeper thinking among students. The event started by providing an overview of CYMCAC, highlighting the promotion of ICT education, with special features such as mandatory "Computer Literacy" for junior students. Visitors had the opportunity to observe classrooms, including a Chinese lesson applying the "See Think Wonder" routine, and a integrated science lesson using iPads for hands-on experiments. The integration of technology and cross-disciplinary learning was emphasized. The event concluded with a campus tour, displaying facilities such as the gym and skateboard area.

Apr 14, 2023

“Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study: WYHK Open House

EIE participants joined the WYHK Open House to learn how the school has been promoting self-directed learning, which is one of the school’s major concerns in their three-year school development plan. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and thinking strategies have been implemented to redirect authority and foster students’ autonomy in learning.

Mar 31, 2023

“Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study: MSS Open House

The Marymount Secondary School (MSS) Open House focused on “Promoting a Visible Thinking Culture” among students and staff. The event began with an introduction to MSS’s core values and school concerns, with particular emphasis on “Integrity” as the core theme for the academic year. Visitors observed lessons in Chinese, English, and Leadership, where Thinking Routines was infused into the teaching practices. A presentation on innovative teaching strategies and a discussion about the coaching system for new teachers provided further insights into how the team promotes Visible Thinking Culture by engaging more colleagues in this endeavor. The event concluded with a tour of the historic campus.

Mar 28, 2023

“Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study: FKYC Open House

Envisioning Innovation in Education participants visited Fanling Kau Yan College (FKYC) and learnt about the school's systematic promotion of Making Thinking Visible. Visitors joined the English department’s co-planning session, where English teachers across forms/grades meet to discuss and refine lesson plans. Participants then observed a S4 English lesson which incorporated the use of different thinking routines to engage students' deeper thinking. By sitting in the co-planning session and observing a lesson, participants gained an understanding of how FKYC’s scaling of Making Thinking Visible was made possible through carefully thought out structures and colleagues’ openness to learn. Finally, Student Ambassadors from S2-5 guided EIE participants on a campus tour and shared their school experiences from the student perspective.

Mar 28, 2023

“Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study: CIS Open House

Chinese International School (CIS) cohort members welcomed Envisioning Innovation in Education participants onto campus to explore the role of teacher leadership in leading school-wide research and development. Visitors got a chance to peek into the secondary project based learning classes and primary dual language classrooms. Then they were introduced to CIS’ new Innovation Lab initiative, in which teachers can apply for funding to conduct research that would benefit the school community. The CIS team solicited fruitful feedback from participants on how they might refine the design of the Innovation Lab. All parties found the exchange generative in brainstorming innovative approaches to professional development.

Mar 25, 2023

Cultivating Leadership in Education (CLE): Orientation & Goal-Setting 2

The Second Orientation & Goal-Setting Convening served as the final preparation before the Boston Study Trip in April. Shapers were introduced to the renowned Harvard Case Study Method and explored complexities in Educational Leadership. Professor John Kim from Harvard Business School led an immersive case study workshop, challenging Shapers' assumptions and critical thinking beyond their usual educational contexts. Dr. Stanley Ho, Chairman of the CLE Advisory Group, then guided Shapers to consider systems leadership in the educational context, emphasizing the importance of seeing the broader system, fostering reflection, and inspiring a collective vision.

Mar 6, 2023

Principal Roundtable Convening

In this Principal Roundtable convening with school leaders from our six Partner Schools, we distilled the latest learnings of CEL’s existing initiatives, re-imagined how school visits can look like, and considered new possibilities of CEL’s longer-term developments.

Mar 23, 2023

Compassionate Systems HK Learning Community: Learning from Youth Leaders

The future of our planet lies with the youth of today. In recent years, the Center for Systems Awareness has actively cultivated a cohort of youth ambassadors that practices Compassionate Systems Leadership, with a strong focus on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) & Inner Development Goals (IDGs).

In this online Learning Community event, we invited three Youth Leaders from Indonesia & Nepal to design & facilitate this session. They led participants to experience Compassionate Systems tools, shared how they have integrated the ideas into their classroom learning & daily lives, and facilitated discussions on how Compassionate Systems can be introduced in different communities.

Mar 22, 2023

Compassionate Systems with CSK: Teacher Training

As part of the Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College’s Professional Development Day, CEL facilitated a workshop for 20+ teachers to introduce them to the ideas & practices of Compassionate Systems. Through engaging with Check-In practices, Habits of a Systems Thinker cards and the Systems Thinking Iceberg, teachers felt inspired to take the ideas into their personal & classroom practice. 

Mar 1, 2023

“Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study: HKIS Open House

The Hong Kong International School (HKIS) Open House brought together educators from Envisioning Innovation Education schools to explore impactful collaborative practices that can broaden and enrich learning opportunities for students. Specifically, participants engaged in Learning Walks and experienced the power of kind, specific, objective feedback in enhancing teaching and learning. The immersive experience allowed educators to reflect on their teaching and learning practices, and consider how collaboration can support the professional growth of individuals and teams.

Feb 27: 2023

Compassionate Systems with SSGC: Student Leadership Training

This half-day Compassionate Systems training servesd as a mid-way reflection opportunity for the 11 Student Associations’ Standing Committee members from St. Stephen’s Girls’ College (SSGC).

Using systems thinking games such as Squaring the Circle, and reflection tools such as the Ladder of Inference, the students reflected deeply on how they might become more compassionate leaders, improve teamwork, and better serve the SSGC community moving forward.

Feb 25, 2023

Cultivating Leadership in Education (CLE): Orientation & Goal-Setting 1

At the First Orientation & Goal-Setting Convening, Shapers explored the concept of Compassionate Systems Leadership. The Systems Thinking Iceberg model was introduced to unpack the complex issues Shapers sought to tackle in their organizations (also referred to as Problems of Practice (PoP)). Through peer-to-peer coaching among Shapers, their PoPs were discussed and refined. Facilitators also presented the Creative Tension framework and made use of the "Habits of a Systems Thinker" cards to spark introspective reflections and discussions about Shapers’ capacities for system leadership. 

Feb 13, 2023

“Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study: 9th Learning Community

The Learning Community 9 event was held in a casual “innovation cafe” style. Four participants from the Envisioning Innovation in Education project were invited on stage to share their innovation stories with the full cohort. Their stories covered the use of thinking routines and flipped learning, the fostering of student agency, and the process of creating small yet effective changes in existing practices. After hearing stories from the stage, participants engaged in small group sharings to share their own innovation stories and reflections. A hands-on “Octopus Activity” was introduced, encouraging schools to visualize their innovation projects as a living system, exploring connections and collaboration within and between schools. The relaxed atmosphere promoted genuine exchanges between participants and inspired them to consider the reach and impact of their innovation projects.

Apr 5 to 15, 2023

Cultivating Leadership in Education (CLE): Boston Study Trip

The 2-week Boston Study Trip provided inspirational exposure to best practices for Shapers seeking to enhance Hong Kong's educational space. The trip included Exposure Visits and Harvard Case Training. For the first part, Shapers engaged in diverse activities like visiting innovative schools, meeting with local students, as well as attending interactive lectures on value delivery, global economy and future technology. In the latter part, Shapers assumed various professional roles through case studies to develop organizational acumen and systems leadership skills. Throughout the trip, Shapers formed peer learning groups to facilitate knowledge sharing and community bonding.

Feb 4, 2023

Cultivating Leadership in Education (CLE): Kick-off Convening

The Kick-off Convening, held at the Noah's Ark Hotel, brought together 40 Shapers for the official launch of the program. Facilitated by the CLE Program Team and with support from our design partners from the Center for System Awareness and Harvard Business School in Boston, this orientation provided an overview of the year ahead. Shapers participated in experiential activities to get acquainted with fellow Shapers, conceptualize the purpose of the program, and begin relating to one another from a system perspective.

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