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Past Activities


June 7 - June 11, 2021

J-WEL Exchange: Rebooting Curiosity

With the theme “Rebooting Curiosity”, 30+ educators from CEL’s six partner schools came together to participate in a 5-day J-WEL Exchange experience. Through hands-on, interactive experience facilitated by MIT members, participants explored and examined the role that curiosity plays in teaching and learning, and ways curiosity can invigorate disciplinary and cross-disciplinary teaching.

Dec 8, 2021

Principal Roundtable Convening

In this Principal Roundtable convening with school leaders from our 6 Partner Schools, we engaged in experiential activities developed from our latest initiatives, unpacked the current meaning and future development of this Principal Roundtable construct, and established new year resolutions.

Nov 5, 2021

“Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study: 5th Learning Community

In this Learning Community event, 70+ principals & educators of the “Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) study came together to share and celebrate their ongoing inquiry work through a Work-In-Process Exhibition event. They were also introduced to the Slow Looking concept as a key practice for inquiry.

Sep 13, 2021

“Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study: 4th Learning Community

To kick-start the 2nd Year “Inquiry Phase” of the “Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study, the 70+ participating principals & educators came together to learn and connect. Participants were introduced to the practice of Documentation, and enjoyed getting to know each other through activities like Artifact Sharing.

Dec 22, 2021

SSGC Leadership Training

What does it truly mean to be a leader? Infusing our learnings from Compassionate Systems, “Envisioning Innovation in Education” Study as well as other initiatives, the CEL team facilitated a full-day leadership experience for a group of 20+ student and teacher leaders from St. Stephen’s Girls’ College (SSGC).

In a setting with diverse ages and experiences, participants were encouraged to grapple with leadership concepts such as “active listening”, “systems thinking”, “mindfulness”, “well-being” etc.

Dec 17, 2021

《Compassionate Systems  香港中小學實踐經驗故事》分享會 (Compassionate Systems Hong Kong Implementation Stories)

With the support of CEL, many HK educators have embarked on the journey of learning and applying Compassionate Systems in their personal, classroom and school environment.

Our four distinguished guests’ and Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners Daphne Ho and Jenny Tai from Marymount Secondary School (MSS), as well as Brenda Lo and Jovy Leung from Marymount Primary Schools (MPS), shared their stories with the 70+ participants. Their heartfelt sharing demonstrated the importance of deep self-reflection, thoughtful adaptation and multi-stakeholder engagement when bringing Compassionate Systems to their school community.

Nov 30, 2021

Compassionate Systems HK Learning Community: Systems Thinking Iceberg

“What we see is only the tip of the iceberg” is a common saying. How might we deepen our awareness about the whole system, so as to start seeing the possibilities for fundamental solutions?

At this Learning Community event which focused on the “Systems Thinking Iceberg”, a key Compassionate Systems tool, 30+ educators and innovators came together to experience how the Iceberg can be used to analyse personal, relational or societal systems. They also learnt about examples of practice from practitioners around the world on how to use the Iceberg in classroom learning, conflict resolution & more.

Oct 23, 2021

“Exploring Compassionate Systems in School” Zoom event

This 2-hr Zoom workshop served as an invitation to all HK school leaders and innovators who might be interested in partnering with CEL to develop well-being and cultivate deeper thinking amongst students and adults.

We invited Jacob Martin & Charlotte Ruddy, experienced school leaders & Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners, to share an overview of Compassionate Systems and create interactive exercises for 80+ participants to experience some of its tools, e.g. Ways of Showing Up, Check-In & Ladder of Inference.

The subsequent panel discussion by Maggie Chau (Principal of St. Stephen’s Girls’ College), Daphne Ho (Principal of Marymount Secondary School) and Jovy Leung (Head of Teaching & Learning of Marymount Primary School) also enabled the audience to get a sense of their personal experience and early-stage work of bringing Compassionate Systems to their school community.

Sep 27, 2021

Principal Roundtable Convening

In this Principal Roundtable convening with school leaders from our 6 Partner Schools, we shared with each other the experience of starting the new school year, discussed about the latest developments of CEL’s initiative, and brainstormed the new idea of developing a strategic leadership program for school leaders.

August 24-26, 2021

Compassionate Systems w/ Jacob Martin

Before the start of the academic year, CEL supported St. Stephen’s Girls’ College (SSGC), Marymount Primary School (MPS) and Marymount Secondary School (MSS) in rethinking how well-being can be cultivated in their schools.

We invited Jacob Martin, Deputy Head at Dulwich College, Singapore & Compassionate Systems Master Practitioner, to co-host three full-day workshops, each customized to address the needs of the related school community. Besides his day job, Jacob is an Organising Board member, as well as certified Master Practitioner, of the Compassionate Systems Framework.

The hands-on workshops provided ample opportunities for the 150+ educators to put on the learner hat and experience how Compassionate Systems can impact them. Additionally, they also took on the facilitator hat to consider how these ideas can be brought into their community.

June 2, 2021

Principal Roundtable Convening

In this Principal Roundtable convening with school leaders from our 6 Partner Schools, the theme was “Reflecting Retrospectively (rear-view mirror) and looking prospectively (windshield)”.

We engaged in hands-on experience to get a taste of CEL’s ongoing initiatives, dived into thoughtful discussions around social & emotional learning, and collectively envisioned how the new school year would look like.

May 27, 2021

Compassionate Systems HK Learning Community: Check-In

CEL is establishing the Compassionate Systems HK Learning Community to serve as a platform for educators to learn & build upon our practice of Compassionate Systems Leadership (CSL) together. This first session revolved around the “Check-Ins”, a grounding practice that helps us reflect on how we are showing up. The 30+ participants spent time together experiencing the tool themselves, heard about the stories of practice from other educators, and explored ways to try this out in their communities.

May 3, 2021

“Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study: 3rd Learning Community

As part of the “Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study, this virtual event offered opportunities for the 70+ participating principals & educators to share ideas and strategies. All participants shared their Vision Boards, outlining their own vision on possible innovation in their own contexts.

Mar 22, 2021

Principal Roundtable Convening

In this Principal Roundtable convening with school leaders from our 6 Partner Schools, we discussed the implications of the new “Optimising the Four Senior Secondary Core Subjects” policy as well as solicited feedback on our past and upcoming initiatives.

Feb 22, 2021

“Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study: 2nd Learning Community

This virtual event served as an opportunity for all 70+ principals & educators from “Envisioning Innovation in Education” (EIE) Study to reconnect as a professional learning community, learn about emergent findings from the Study, be exposed to new pedagogical provocations (e.g. Redirecting Authority), as well as share their work and receive feedback from their colleagues.

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