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Our Partner Schools

CEL’s Partner Schools are Hong Kong schools that range from government-aided schools, direct subsidy schools to international schools. The senior leadership of our Partner Schools helps to determine our overall strategic direction.


Our six Partner Schools are:

Chinese International School (CIS)

Chinese International School

Diocesan Boys' School (DBS)

Diocesan Boys’ School

HKCCCU Logos Academy

HKCCCU Logos Academy

Marymount Secondary School (MSS)

Marymount Secondary School

St. Paul's College (SPC)

St. Paul’s College

St. Stepen's Girls' College (SSGC)

St. Stephen’s Girls’ College

Beyond our Partner Schools, we are actively creating initiatives that are open to participation from other schools and educators. In the long run, we aim to expand our network of partner schools to create a wide impact in the Hong Kong education space.

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