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In order to inspire students, we first strive to inspire their educators. Leveraging our partnership with MIT’s J-WEL and beyond, CEL created and facilitated various initiatives to expose educators to research-based pedagogy, cutting-edge innovations in local and international contexts. Examples include:


J-WEL Week & Exchange

Convening at MIT, educators from Hong Kong join a global learning community and are exposed to presentations, research briefs, hands-on exercises, and workshops on key education topics. Collaborating with MIT faculty and staff, they are challenged to define their key goals and mechanisms for implementation.

CEL MIT J-WEL Week & Exchange 1
CEL MIT J-WEL Week & Exchange 1

School Visits

By bringing educators to visit innovative and exemplar schools in Hong Kong, Boston and beyond, we hope to expand their sense of what is possible, demystify the innovation process, and encourage them to implement new ideas in their own schools.

CEL School Visits 1
CEL School Visits 2

Professional Development Day

Co-organising the event with our Partner Schools, we hope to expand participants’ mindset on the possibilities of innovative teaching and learning, guide them to think about translating learnings in initiatives, and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration within/amongst schools.

CEL Professional Development Day 1
CEL Professional Development Day 2
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