Changes can only be made when ideas are put into action. Much support and guidance are also needed as educators and their schools embark on the journey to improve teaching and learning. To facilitate these processes, we have created initiatives such as:



By participating in the two-week summer camp, students and educators in Hong Kong get to experience “the MIT way” of teaching and learning. Students are granted opportunities to advance their knowledge in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) areas through developing innovative solutions to real problems. Concurrently, educators participate in professional development sessions as well as experience the delivery of MIT learning modules, gaining new strategies to bring in their own classroom environments.

School-based Consultations

We bring in education experts from around the world to consult schools on change management. Tailored to the school’s specific needs, topics range from rethinking strategic priorities, expanding project-based learning, to revamping learning spaces and more.