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Our Mission

We work towards the day when the Hong Kong education system is transformed into an engine of opportunity, innovation, and excellence -- so that all young people can thrive in their college, career, and life, collectively contributing towards a better world.


Founded in 2018, Catalyst Education Lab (CEL) is a Hong Kong-based non-profit which seeks to transform the education sector by facilitating professional development and change management.

The world we live in is rapidly changing, such that the knowledge and skills necessary for our youth to thrive have evolved. Conventional assumptions about education are being challenged, for example:

  • Academic excellence vs. Lifelong learning

  • Knowledge transfer vs. Knowledge discovery

  • Subject-based education vs. Interdisciplinary learning

  • Drilling, rote memorization vs. Hands-on, problem-based learning

  • Standardized syllabus vs. Personalized learning experiences


With passionate educators and progressive schools, we will be able to break the boundaries in education. Only by doing so can we ensure that every school, every classroom and every child gets what they need to be future-ready and successful.

CEL's missin is to transform Hong Kong education system into an engine of opportunity, innovation and excellence
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